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Calcium Carbonate 500mg+Vitamin D3

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Muscle and bone weakness is very common these days because the availability of nutrients sources is very few and the eatables that are available provide the nutrition but with chemical residue, they all grow with the help of chemicals and there is some residue of these chemicals which are left over. So by the time our bodies do not get sufficient amount of nutrition and suffer from malnutrition and to overcome from this problem we need supplements. This Calcium carbonate 500mg +Vitamine D3 250 i.u tablet is a good supplementary tablet that helps in improving your bone and muscle weakness.

Sometimes the body is unable to absorb calcium which is available in the body and sometimes this problem can be due to genetics. Of our body 40% of calcium is in our blood, 13 % is with ions, and the rest 47 % is unbound and the problem with our body is that is unable to absorb this calcium which creates the problem and makes our bones weak. This tablet promotes the absorption of calcium which are free available in the body and also helps in improving muscle strength.

Mechanisms of Carbonate 500mg +Vitamine D3 250 i.u tablets

As we grow older the pores in the bones getting start bigger and this is generally normal in case of the women their bones weaken in quicker than in men. Sometimes our body is unable to absorb vitamin D from the sun and this creates the deficiency of vitamin D which creates the problem of weak bones. This medication comes in the form of a tablet and the way of its administration is oral. This medication gets administrated in the body and gets metabolized with the help of a biocatalyst and then it gets absorbed in the body and increases the efficacy of the intestine which helps in increasing the unbound calcium of the body and that is how this tablet increases the bode calcium absorption.

Benefits of Calcium carbonate 500mg +Vitamin D3 250 i.u tablets

Calcium is very essential nutrition that our body requires this nutrition help in maintaining our bones and muscle condition. A deficiency of Vitamin D can cause problems like rickets or osteomalacia means your body is so weak in little stress on them can give you unthinkable pain to get relief from such a problem this tablet can be used. These are some benefits of Calcium carbonate 500mg +Vitamin D3 250 i.u tablets

  1. This medication helps in improving bone density.
  2. This medication helps in building muscles.
  3. This medication helps in improving joint support.
  4. This medication helps in improving the absorption of calcium in the body.

Side effect of Calcium carbonate 500mg +Vitamin D3 250 i.u tablets

This medication is a chemical-based medication and this medication must be taken under the prescription of the doctor and do not take overdoses it may create problems. Sometimes sudden increments of any compound in the body may cause some adverse effects. These are some side effects of Calcium carbonate 500mg +Vitamine D3 250 i.u tablets

  • Gas problem
  • Constipation
  • Bloating, nausea/vomiting
  • Loss of appetite, mental/mood changes
  • Bone/muscle pain

Way to use Calcium carbonate 500mg +Vitamin D3 250 i.u tablets

If any medication is taken as per the healthcare expert’s advice it will show its whole therapeutic effects. The right way of administrating this drug can increase the effectiveness of any medication. These are some instructions that you must follow while taking this medication.

  1. If you have not suffering from a deficiency of vitamin D do not use this medication it may create some serious problems.
  2. Take this tablet with milk or water. And follow your doctor whatever he instructed.
  3. Store these tablets in a dark and dry place.
  4. If you have any medical condition or if you are having other medication other than this one then inform your doctor before starting this medication.